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The Nopo connects online shoppers with exceptional artisans in some of the most intriguing markets around the world. By bridging geographical distances & language barriers, facilitating safe & secure payment, providing reliable & efficient shipping, and promoting fair trade, we create real access to the cultural & artistic riches of the world.

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Through technology & human connection we strive to democratize international ecommerce. We are reaching artisans in developing countries and providing them with the logistical support and technical onboarding so that they can offer their exquisite crafts to international audiences.

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The beauty of an artisan’s hands threading a wooden shuttle through thousands of hand-spun cotton strings is beyond definition, as is the cadence of a foot pushing a pedal loom while two strong arms run the weft shuttle up and down.

This year we’ve had the privilege of partnering with master artisans from the four corners of Mexico and Morocco; weavers, ceramicists, coppersmiths, hatmakers, and designers who passionately create original crafts that bring so much color and soul into our homes and our lives.

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