Khawla and Aya Laraki are a brilliant and innovative young Moroccan duo who set out to reinvent Morocco’s most renowned form of craft: leather making. The two joined a social entrepreneurship program while at university where they explored different ways of positively impacting Moroccan society. Their exploration led them to founding Cuimer, a brand of environmentally responsible, high-end, handmade leather goods. What makes their story so exceptional is that their leather is sourced from marine life. Cuimer creatively utilizes this leather, a bi-product of Morocco’s large fishing industry, previously destined for waste, and transforms it into beautifully designed fashion items.


Cuimer has impacted the lives of their artisans by providing them full-time employment and stability. At the same time, Khawla and Aya are salvaging tons of marine leather from waste and giving it a second life. 


Marine leather has exceptional qualities. It is more durable and more environmentally-friendly than other types of ordinary leather and it is hypoallergenic. The scales and textures are beautiful and unique. Khawla and Aya traveled to Paris to learn from top experts in the field and then returned to Morocco and together with their artisans have developed and refined their unique methods.

Cuimer is a celebration of Moroccan heritage and craftsmanship coupled with modern innovation and sophistication.