When Adriana’s father came back from a trip to Oaxaca and suggested she looks into marrying her experience as a graphic designer with her love for prints and textile, she didn’t need to be told twice. 


Passionate about the wealth of crafts available in the country and a lover of all things textile  and design, she jumped at the opportunity of creating something of her own. She visited Oaxaca where she started working on prototypes with local artisans, and a year later she launched Hula, developing mindfully-crafted textile products made from 100% cotton, hand-woven on a pedal loom with high attention to detail, from the selection and counting of the threads to the assembly of the loom.


The name Hula was inspired by Adriana’s love for Hawaii’s relaxed attitude to life, the importance they put on family, their warmth and tropical climate, not to mention the beaches and the ocean. Her products fully reflect this: swing on one of her hammocks or dry yourself with one of her soft beach towels to be immediately transported to a dreamy land full of good vibes.


Working closely with master artisans in Oaxaca, she develops textile goods with a contemporary twist that support the preservation of traditional crafts. After her beginnings with beach towels, Adriana has gone from strength to strength developing cushions, throws, tablecloths, bedspreads, and more.

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