Labboho is a Moroccan brand founded by Younes Arabab and his friend Claire, originally as a wholesale and B2B dealing with a large variety of fully hand-made Moroccan products, such as vintage rugs, cushions, poufs, and more. Previously unavailable to the general public, Labboho is opening the doors to their vast collection located in Morocco’s surfers paradise Agadir, exclusively on the Nopo.


All of Labboho’s work aims at supporting local artisans, empowering female cooperatives, enhancing fair trade practices, and providing the customer with high-quality products made with love by expert artisan hands all over Morocco. 


When Younes’s friend Claire first suggested the idea of a brand selling high-quality, handmade artisanal products from Morocco, Younes quickly jumped on board with his own vast collection of vintage rugs. Since that day four years ago, Younes has taken over the business and has been traveling all over the country sourcing products, establishing relationships with artisans, and spreading his love for Moroccan handicrafts far and wide. 


Today, his search for beautiful handicrafts continues sourcing products directly from the makers around small rural villages across Morocco, helping to preserve ancestral techniques and positively contributing to the artisans’ businesses, families, and communities.

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