Maison Bagan

Growing up in Marrakech, Hanane Zamani found herself immersed in a triad of Arabic, Berber, and French cultures. Full of life, she describes walking into the Marrakech medina like traveling through time - exotic, chaotic, and completely fascinating. 


Hanane later spent time living and traveling outside of Morocco, from the Maldives to Turkey, from Canada to India, her life was busy and fast-paced, always on to the next exciting destination. Upon returning home Hanane found the inspiration she had been searching for all along, in her little sister’s pottery work. Hanane set out to develop her own unique artisanal expression and style by incorporating traditional Zellige tile work into wooden craft. She founded Maison Bagan in 2017, producing a line of exquisite handcrafted home decor items, such as serving trays and cutting boards, that are both beautiful and functional. Hanane intelligently combines traditional Moroccan design and all of its intricacy and charm with the sophistication of modern design. She has been collaborating with her partner, Youness, from the very beginning, working together on both the graphic design and the woodwork of their products, pouring love and passion into Maison Bagan.