Myriam Au Citron

Annaëlle Myriam Chaaib, known in Morocco by her brand name Myriam Au Citron, was born in France to a French mother and a Moroccan father. As a child she spent glorious summer holidays in Morocco, exploring a completely different world, which she consumed with the curious eyes of a child of mixed heritage. Her love for Morocco led her to eventually move back to the country. In 2018, she and her sister settled on the blue hills of Chefchaouen and opened a bakery and cafe. Myriam, who had practiced art throughout her life, decorated the place with beautiful vivid illustrations, and very soon customers began inquiring about the artist behind these lovely works of art, wanting to buy them. Myriam decided to dedicate more and more of her time to illustrating. Her brand name, Myriam Au Citron, translates to Myriam with Lemons in French, an homage to her dual heritage, as lemons are found everywhere in Moroccan cuisine. Myriam draws her inspiration from the beauty of Moroccan architecture and landscapes, from its traditions and rituals and from the intricacies of day to day life - as well as sweet childhood memories.