Sophie Simone Designs

Sophie Simone Designs was created by Franco-Mexican designer Sophie Simone Cortina. Her line of jewelry reflects her love for her native Mexico and her passion for creating pieces that are timeless, feminine, versatile, and unique.

She began making jewelry as a child, creating necklaces out of vintage brooches, secretly given to her by her grandmother, which she then turned into unique creations. Her passion for travel, art, yoga, photography, nature, and life, allows her to gather inspiration wherever she goes and transform it into beautiful jewelry designs in collaboration with talented Mexican artisans.

Using the lost wax technique, which is an ancient craft that takes time and precision, she gives life to her ideas by molding each design in wax. Her amazing team of craftsmen all work together to create the final designs, which are made by hand from beginning to end using 22K Gold Plated and Silver .925.