Brenda and Anna met during their Textile Design degree and immediately clicked on their shared vision for a brand that would promote traditional weaving techniques like the pedal loom on the production of slick designs for modern homes. 


Today they work with artisans in Teotitlán del Valle, Oaxaca, to bring you meaningful products that encourage conscious consumption, eschewing mass production and supporting local fair trade. 


Both long-time lovers of textiles traditions, Brenda and Anna were able to expand their horizons while at University together, and soon felt they wanted to play their own part in the preservation of ancestral cultural practices and artisanal techniques. 


Their shared passion for handmade processes means they are very collaborative in the work they do with the artisans in Oaxaca, designing and creating pieces whose fabric and weaves tell fascinating stories of ancient traditions.


Respectful of their Mexican heritage, they’re however not scared of experimenting, approaching each product with an innovative attitude to patterns, textures, colors, and techniques, resulting in contemporary pieces that stand out for their design and aesthetics. 

Each design is methodically planned and executed with the utmost respect for the environment, as Tramarte only uses dyes from natural pigments such as grana cochinilla and indigo.