Yelli Jewels

Samia Benbrahim always dreamt to contribute to the development of Moroccan Crafts, but it was while traveling throughout Asia that she realized that she was particularly drawn to the locally crafted jewelry in each of the countries she visited, as well as to their cultural symbolic meaning. In one of the villages she visited an elder woman offered her a beautiful pair of silver earrings and told her “You are one of us now, you’re just like my daughter!” As an echo to this meaningful experience, Yelli Jewels was born.

Yelli, which literally means “my daughter” in the Berber dialect pays tribute to her Moroccan heritage and ancestral legacy, celebrating the Amazigh mastery of jewelry making. Samia, however, offers her own unique take on traditional design, incorporating universal symbols and creating a chic Neo-Berber collection. 

Yelli Jewels are mindfully crafted as part of a Slow-fashion approach. In order to promote a sustainable and more thoughtful way of consuming. Only quality materials are used, ensuring the jewels durability. Respectful of the social and local environment, all products including packaging are manufactured in the region under ethically responsible working conditions.

Yelli Jewels are crafted from silver of 925 quality (92.5% silver).

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