Zineb Bennani ZELART

Zineb Benanni, a mother of two boys, is a designer and a fearless entrepreneur.  Originally from Casablanca, she moved to Tangier with her family three years ago. Zineb started out her professional career as a floral designer, but when she moved to Casablanca, she decided to explore other artistic avenues. An encounter with a master Zelliage artisan at an art exhibition, inspired her to found Zelart in November 2019. Zineb set out to reinvent Zellige, and broaden its applications beyond its traditional purpose.

Zelart combines Zellige artwork, a traditional Moroccan handicraft technique of tilework, with modern artistic styles. The result- a beautiful representation of today’s Morocco. Each tile has its own story, some inspired by a particular artist, other’s by Zineb’s experiences, and others by contemporary themes. Zineb collaborates with a team of master Zellige craftsmen ‘maalem’, creating every tile with the greatest respect for the tradition and the techniques of this century-old discipline.

Zineb loves the idea that people chose different selections of Zelart tiles, and by assembling them in different combinations are actively participating in the creative process. Their Zelart becomes truly their own.

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