Artisan-Chama Chraibi

Artisan-Chama Chraibi
Chama Chraibi

Chama Chraibi was born into an artistic family and was always encouraged to express her creativity through drawing and painting. A self-proclaimed scribbling addict, Chama takes inspiration from everyday people and situations to develop her minimalist line drawings, which are able to compress and express the complexity of life through a fresh, vibrant, and energetic style.

Her distinctive minimalist style pairs single continuous line drawings with pleasing strokes and curves reminiscent of cubism and abstract art and heavily influenced by graphic design. A compulsive doodler, she imagines abstract faces everywhere and traces them in her mind and onto paper or digitally on her phone, while also taking inspiration in landscapes and everyday scenes, which she adds her special touch to often engaging her audience in playful ways.

While her background is as a visual artist using acrylics and mixed media on canvas, over the last year Chama started transposing her designs onto ceramics in collaboration with artisans from Rabat and Safi and is fully committed to supporting local craftsmen and creative entrepreneurs in any way she can. She has also created a collection of abstract acrylic wire sculptures, in a constant reinvention of her style and sensitivity.