Industrial Designer Ana and Architectural Engineer Fernando met at University and soon found out they shared a life purpose: to achieve social change through beautiful design. United by this, they turned to their own community in Guadalajara and found an incredible collective of women artisans who had been specializing in candlemaking in Tonalá for generations.

Ana and Fernando decided to create their brand Consciente, meaning “conscious” in Spanish, to remind themselves and their customers that when adversity strikes in life, being present in the here and now is the most valuable thing we can do. In no time they were developing prototypes with the artisans and testing different colors and scents, which led them to produce their first collection of designer candles.

Ana and Fernando’s own process of reconnecting to their truest selves is perpetrated through the timeless and slick design they bring to their candles, whose shapes, colors, and scents will take you on a whole new journey of discovery.

Each of their candles uses different aromas, such as eucalyptus, rosemary, myrrh, and gardenia, to inspire different emotional states, from calm relaxation to energetic motivation.

Previously only available in Mexico, Consciente’s candles are coming to you exclusively on The Nopo. Visit their shop, light one of their candles, and let their inebriating aromas nourish your body, calm your mind and comfort your spirit.