Artisan-Les Maures

Artisan-Les Maures
Les Maures

It all started at the heart of the medina. Long-time friends Jean-Rémy and Nicolas created Les Maures Collection in 2010 in an attempt to revisit Moroccan craftsmanship with a fresh perspective. Jean-Rémy, who had trained as a graduate interior designer, wanted to recapture the light, colors, and scents of Marrakech that had awakened his senses.

At Les Maures whether it be cloth, wood, leather or bone any creation is possible thanks to the collaboration with their expert craftsmen, who offer you tailor-made creations such as bags, accessories, and jewelry. Jean-Rémy and Nicolas started their joint adventure with a few creations and unique pieces, before launching a complete line.

Little by little Jean-Rémy built rapport with a variety of artisans who he watched while they practiced their art. One of his first encounters was Walid, a babouchier by trade who, heart in hand would work diligently to make a pair of made-to-measure sandals. In his discovery of the leather sellers, thoughts ran wild making links between materials and possible goods.

Thus ideas were fused, first creations born, and today Jean-Rémy and Nicolas have developed a complete line, ever-growing and developing. Helped by a solid team of artisans, the two continue to inject contrast into the. work, introducing different eras, countries and styles to create unique, timeless pieces.