Artisan-Macramé La Corde

Artisan-Macramé La Corde
Macramé La Corde

When Brazilian nutritionist Lara Telles moved to Marrakech with her husband a few years ago, she started looking at ways of bringing harmony, coziness, and personality to her new home. Her passion for making things with her hands brought her to discover macramé and, noticing a lack of products in her new home, she set out to make some herself.

With the encouragement of friends and family, she took the first few steps in setting up Macramé La Corde, and for that reason, friendship and connections are part of her brand’s DNA. With her work, Lara doesn’t only knot cotton strings together but also connects dreams to reality and environment to beauty.
Lara combines the charm of macramé with the sturdiness of 100% cotton cords, either in raw color or dyed using natural pigments such as avocado-derived paint, to deliver personal and comforting pieces full of character and attention to detail.

With Macramé La Corde, she makes wall hangings, children mobiles, hammocks, and swinging chairs to spice up your boho chic decor with layers of patterns, textures, and colors that mix art, beauty, and a touch of Moroccan vibrancy.