Artisan-Madame Ment&iera

Artisan-Madame Ment&iera
Madame Ment&iera

Technical Director of a travel agency, Wedding Planner, and all-around creative, Alvaro left his native Chioggia, near Venice, on frequent travels around the world, stealing habits, traditions, and ideas that stimulate his creativity.

Eventually stopping in Marrakech after a love-hate relationship with Morocco that started years back and finally settled on an adamant passion for the country, Alvaro opened his own riad Dar Aurora in the middle of the medina in 2019.

The riad has today become the home of his adventurous heart and his spinning creative brain, in the shape of a brand of uniquely made decorative teapots which he named Madame Ment&iera, a play on the Italian words for teapot, teiera, and mint, menta.

In Alvaro’s words “Creativity is like a good cup of tea in a teapot of excellence: it is not asked but offered.” His exclusive lines of artisanal teapots are a mishmash of cultural references and leftover scraps of fabric, string, raffia, and anything else Alvaro can get his hands on.

Eclectic, serious, elegant, funny, Madame Ment&iera’s teapots defy labels and bravely reinterpret the ancestral tradition of Moroccan tea, bringing the ritual out of the kitchen and into the living rooms, gardens, patios, and terraces of your homes.

In their candle version, the teapots are filled with premium natural wax scented with the best fragrances in up to 10% perfume, to give you a long-lasting moment of relaxation, all contained in the quirky enclave of a teapot dressed to the nines.