Artisan-Teika Jewelry

Artisan-Teika Jewelry
Teika Jewelry

After a rich experience in high-end fashion, designer Zeinab El Alami gave into the calling of her roots and created Teïka Jewelry to revive the ancestral Moroccan know-how of fine embroidery, transposing its usage from precious traditional caftans to jewelry.

Passionate about traditional craftsmanship, Zeinab imagined a previously unheard fusion of artisanal techniques: a piece of high-end jewelry further enriched by a very fine needle technique employing lace, formerly only used on precious ceremonial caftans. The sumptuosity of colorful lace inspires Zeinab’s palette, rich in combinations of tones and reflective of her love for warm colors. She juxtaposes this to a deeply personal creative approach to design, rooted in the exploration of geometric shapes and unique patterns.

The fruit of countless hours of work, Teïka’s limited-edition jewels require two separate manufacturing steps. Each piece is individually handmade by local artisans, then it is painstakingly embroidered by expert hands, and demonstrates a mastered know-how that values contemporary feminity in all its diversity and originality.

Combining Moroccan and European influences, Teïka is the result of a precious and unique blend, a crossbreeding imbued with the artisanal memory of the two complementary cultures in which Zeinab grew up.