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A Love Letter for Father's Day

A Love Letter for Father's Day

And Some Great Gift Ideas from The Nopo

I am my ‘father‘s daughter’. I look a lot like him, I sound a lot like him, and I owe a lot of who I am to the way he raised me. My father always made me feel like there isn’t a mountain or tree I can’t climb. He encouraged me to take risks, be adventurous, speak up, and fight against injustice. Over the years, we’ve had our share of fighting (we’re both pretty stubborn), but he has always been the person I consult with and the person I cry to.
In the last few years, since becoming a mother, we don't have many opportunities to really talk. It’s hard to complete a sentence without one of my three daughters interrupting. Still, he is there for me in other ways, taking on a new role as a babysitter to my own little wild bunch. He is a great grandfather and he visits us as often as he can. When he leaves, the house is always a royal mess, the floor somehow always sticky (!), and all the girls’ toys scattered everywhere!!! but my girls are ecstatic after an afternoon of adventure with their Peter Pan grandfather.
My father is an adventurous soul, a hippie in a suit, still trying to make the world a better place. He’s a wonderful cook and an inspiring writer. He has a great sense of aesthetics and a very silly sense of humor. He’s also The Nopo’s biggest fan, and dreams of the day he will retire, travel the world, meet our artisans and write their stories.

June 21st is around the corner, and like every year I find myself looking for a meaningful gift for father’s day. Somehow great mother’s day gifts are easier to come by, but a great father’s day gift is trickier. While thinking of my father and what to get him this year, I began thinking of my daughters’ father, my loving husband of the last 11 years.
I pretty much married the opposite personality type. My husband is a “guy’s guy”. He loves sports, he loves hanging out with friends, he loves skiing, bicycling, driving his Ranger RZR off road. And, while he loves the adrenaline rush of adventure sports, in his day-to-day life he is less adventurous; he is happy eating the exact same food every day, and he is happy loving the same woman every day (luckily, that’s me). My husband is not quite an 'idealist' as my father, but he is a mensch, a true gentleman, a leader by example, and he is adored by his friends, clients and employees. Over the years, we too have had our share of fighting (we’re both very stubborn), but he became the person I consult with and the person I cry to.
Despite their many differences, there is at least one thing they have in common. Both of them have empowered their daughters to strive to become the best versions of themselves. They teach, inspire, listen, encourage, cheer, and hug. My daughters and I were/are raised by men that believe that being a woman is a source of strength, a force to be reckoned with. And that is pretty awesome.
This father’s day, this 'post of love and gratitude' is my gift to my father and to my daughters’ father, my husband. During the last few months, since the Covid-pandemic disrupted our lives, we have had to stay away from our parents, but a little love letter can travel far. So, my recommendation to you is to write them a love letter. And if you’d still like to throw in a special gift with that letter, take a look at our special Father’s Day Gift Guide.
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