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Mindful Father’s Day Gifts for the Special Men in Your Life

Mindful Father’s Day Gifts for the Special Men in Your Life

This Father’s Day treat your dad, grandpa, or your second half to unique artisanal crafts from the most exciting markets in the world

When I became old enough to have a say in family presents, I made it my mission to satisfy the hardest recipient of them all - my dad. Shirts, briefcase, wallet, socks, and by age twelve my sister and I had exhausted all possibilities of finding something beautiful and original he would like and actually use.

He’s the kind of dad who, when asked what he would like for their birthday, Christmas, or Father’s Day, will shrug his shoulders and say “nothing”. Or he will say there’s no need for gifts because the leather gloves he got from you ten years ago are absolutely fine.

This year though nothing can stop me from getting him a bunch of the best Father’s Day gifts ever, thanks to The Nopo’s Father’s Day Collection, full of as many gifts as there are kinds of fathers. And the even better news is that they are one-of-a-kind, entirely handmade craft items from the most exotic markets in the world.

Check out our highlights from this year’s Father’s Day Guide to find the perfect gift for every type of dad!

For the Chilling Dad

To make sure Father’s Day is all about your dad, make him feel special with a selection of gifts that will allow him to kick back and relax in style, starting from Textitlán’s and Taller Maya’s incredible hammocks, woven and knotted by hand by master artisans in Chiapas and Yucatán, Mexico.
And of course, it’s almost compulsory that you pair a gently swinging hammock with a soft and warm blanket to keep that summer evening breeze at bay. Check out Maca Textiles’ Embroidered Cotton Throw or rrres studio's beautiful hand-woven throw blanket.
If you don’t have much space outdoors to hang hammocks, why not try Beyond Marrakech’s gorgeous Leather Pouf or, for a cozier look, Salah Eddine’s handmade black and white floor poufs.
Complement that with some sweet incense burning in Nelly Ortiz’s Barro Negro Copal Holder or Coté Bougie’s Marrakech Series organic scented candles, plus a classy Brass Ashtray from the souks of Morocco.

For the Host Dad

Let’s be honest, there’s hardly anything better than a man who loves to cook and host big dinner parties. If that man happens to be your father, husband, or grandpa, count yourself lucky and make sure you thank him properly for all the gorgeous meals he’s made for you through the years.
For the lovers of fine dining and aperitivo, we highly suggest Bolten Design’s Olive Wood Cutting Board tor BE to BE’s Wooden Tray with Glass Servers, where dad will be able to show off his cooking skills with a selection of delicious appetizers. Or for a cozier-looking aperitivo, why not indulge in La Cosita Chula’s beautiful Talavera Set of a tray and four mini-dishes to serve snacks and dips?
If your dad has a warm soul and a big stomach, look no further than Yassin Habbani’s beautiful Moroccan ceramics, especially his blue Tajine dish, handcrafted and painted in the traditional Safiot style of pottery.
When it's time for coffee and desert, help him wow his guests with Anna Lebrija’s gorgeous Ceramic French Press or Ceramic Tea Pot, both available in a variety of patterns and colors. For a more rustic look, why not turn to Artesano’s beautiful Copper Tea Pot? If he's a real coffee connoisseur, he's sure to love this unique set of handmade Marbled Espresso Cups.
And Finally, there’s nothing better to wash down a big meal than a strong digestif such as mezcal, tequila, limoncello or amaretto. Look no further than Cerámica San Germán’s Set of 6 Handmade Shot Glasses, coming in two beautiful color variations of traditional blue tiled pattern or brown and gold.

For the Artsy Dad

Is your dad the art-lover in the family? No problem, we’ve got a vast selection of wall hanging, decorative ceramics, and prints to satisfy the pickiest of art fanatics, starting from Soufiane Aissouni’s gorgeous One-Line Face Raffia Wall Art, mindfully crafted in his workshop in the medina of Marrakech.
Continuing on the minimal, line-drawing style, check out Karim Rouifi’s powerful line drawing prints, such as The Watching Eye, a playful and positive reinterpretation of the Evil Eye, a staple in Moroccan visual culture.
If abstract decorative objects are more of your man’s style, look no further than Amate Ceramica’s Ensemble Handmade Ceramic Vases, a minimal yet powerful study of clay and its variable aesthetics.

For the Gardner Dad

For all the plant-loving dads out there, make sure you show them the same level of care and attention they dedicate to their greenery this Father’s Day with some handmade pots and vases, starting from Raiz’s minimal clay creations such as the Mercedes Plant Pot & Dropper Plate, a beautiful two-in-one set that could even pass for two presents wrapped into one!
If you prefer a more industrial-chic look, Duplo Design’s volcanic stone products are the way to go. Choose between the Maceta No. 1 Plant Pot or their gorgeous set of three Florero K Vases, which will work with any kind of decor thanks to their neutral grey tones. In keeping with a minimal style but moving to more earthy tones, check out Albaricoque’s Musa Vase or Amate Cerámica’s Set of Three Xicallis Vases, which will work particularly well with dried flowers or foliage compositions.
Finally, if clay and stone are not your man’s thing, a handwoven basket to hide the more rustic pots will be the perfect way to go. Choose between Albaricoque’s two-tone Palm Woven Basket or Woven Tejido Vase, or go the more playful way with Petate’s Mary Handwoven Basket, a low-rimmed basket with a colorful metallic structure to match your décor.

For the Fashion-Conscious Dad

Gone are the times when women are jewelry fanatics and men fear even the simplest of body adornments. Today, male or unisex jewelry is all the rage, and many dads the world over find themselves partial to the occasional bangle, ring, earring, or classy cufflinks.
Designer Samia of Yelli Jewels had this in mind when she put together a collection of unisex jewelry which works wonders for her and him. If dad is into silver jewelry of the chunkier kind, check out her Octo Studs Ring or the Single Rosette Earring and Amazigh Double Rosette Necklace.

For the Traveling Dad

With the world opening up again, we can feel everyone’s feet itching to get moving and satisfy the repressed wanderlust. Help your special man start his exploration of the world with some travel-friendly items, such as Bill Yadi’s gorgeous Leather Passport Holder, entirely handmade of the highest quality cowhide and hand-painted with Arabic calligraphy, or Bill Yadi's Leather Travelling Chess Set. Both can even customize it with his name or a short phrase.
And of course, even the smallest of journeys isn’t such without a proper travel day bag, like Ohja’s wonderful Stripe Vegan Leather Bag, ideal to wear across your shoulder with its long strap, or around your waist for a more functional look.
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