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Relax, Detox & Recharge: Morocco’s Top Yoga Retreats

Relax, Detox & Recharge: Morocco’s Top Yoga Retreats

Take yourself on a wholesome journey to nourish your mind, body and soul with one of Morocco's best yoga retreats
Morocco is well-known for its stunning landscapes, rich and complex history, and ancient cultural heritage, but in the last few years, the wellness industry seems to have taken the country up in a storm. Yoga studios and retreats have sprung up around the country, offering dreamy getaways that combine charm, adventure, true relaxation, and spiritual rejuvenation.
In anticipation of well-deserved, post-pandemic vacation, we've put together a guide to Morocco's best "relax, detox, and recharge" Yoga retreats.
Nosade Tours
Photos: @nosadetours
When Anica first stepped off the plane in Morocco to attend a yoga retreat, it was love at first sight: for the country and… one particular countryman, Yidir! Fast forward to a year later, Anica and Yidir had turned a dreamlike idea into a solid reality: they started their family-run tour agency NOSADE to share their love for the country, encourage sustainable and authentic tourism and spread positivity and good vibes through Anica’s yoga practice.
With Anica’s background in business, HR, and the hotel industry, and Ydir’s decennial experience in tourism and his deep knowledge of Morocco and its culture, Nosade was a fast success. Today, they offer tailored yoga retreats featuring Anica’s interesting blend of Anusara and therapeutical Hatha yoga, which she has developed over twelve years of yoga practice since her first class in Berlin back in 2008.
In Marrakech, they host a five-day urban retreat, where you’ll be able to enjoy a restorative and vibrant yoga practice overlooking the magical, ancient medina of Marrakech. The retreat includes trips to all the highlights in town, as well as accommodation in their peaceful riad in the medina and half-board of the most nourishing Moroccan food.
For the wanderlust yogis, their 7-day desert yoga retreat is the way to go. Be ready to practice in the tranquillity and vastness of the Sahara desert, learn all about the local cultures, and enjoy a long camel trek, all the while rediscovering a path to your truest self. The trips can include a stay at Nosade’s accommodation in Merzouga, a charming apartment overlooking the famous sand dunes, featuring a mix of traditional architecture and modern design.
Anica and Yidir take the famed Moroccan hospitality to a whole new level with their warm approach and stunning locations in Marrakech and Merzouga, where Yidir is from. Let yourself be transported to an amazing land of enchantment by Nosade tours.
Blue Mind Morocco
It seems an overused cliché that love can do it all, but Khalid and Sandra are proof that clichés have at least a little bit of truth in them. Originally from Germany, Sandra was teaching at a surf and yoga retreat in Morocco when she happened across Banana House, a small camp with five rooms on Aourir Beach, which Khalid had founded after starting off as a surf instructor a few years earlier with only a single board and €200 to his name.
It was the start of a life-long mission to use surf and yoga to create a sustainable, respectful, wholesome, and peaceful lifestyle, which has now become a reality in Blue Mind Morocco, the heaven they’ve created in Tamraght, just outside Taghazout, a well-known spot favored by surfers and yogis alike.
In their 11-room accommodation, they host surfing and yoga retreats, where participants will have the chance to challenge themselves on fearsome waves, before relaxing and unwinding with their Pranayama yoga practices at sunrise or sunset.
Khalid and Sandra encourage communal living on their stunning rooftop and beautiful dining area, where you’ll enjoy the freshest, most wholesome food prepared with locally available organic ingredients. Their vision is of a sustainable, open-minded, and warm-hearted place where to honor their beloved nature and ocean.
Whether you’re a solo traveler or looking to host a group retreat, Blue Mind Morocco is the best place to be for everyone who is drawn to the ocean and keen to live to the rhythm of nature, within a warm and welcoming community of surfers & yogis from all over the world.
 The Flow Yoga Studio
The latest addition in the entrepreneurial journey of Swiss-Moroccan duo Nicole & Mo, The Flow Yoga Studio is set right in the middle of the Marrakech medina, hosted in their stunning Riad BE, which the two have been running for close to five years now.
The studio offers individual sessions, tailored packages, one-to-one, and even retreats. For a real medina experience, join the midday or evening classes and stay after to enjoy a delicious Moroccan meal on the riad rooftop. And if you’re looking for complete relaxation and a truly pampering time, pair one of their yoga classes with a calming nip to their beautiful spa after, to further nourish your spirit with a massage or treatment.
To run the studio, Mo and Nicole have enlisted the help of Erin, a certified yoga teacher hailing from the US who has been living and teaching yoga in Morocco for nearly twenty years, dedicating herself to deepening her knowledge of the country, its languages, peoples, and cultures.
The studio offers a reinvigorating blend of vinyasa flows and hatha yoga that opens up the classes to a wide range of skillsets and practice levels. The vinyasa flow will get your heart rate up while the Hatha will slow things down, allowing you to stretch deeper and hold poses for longer periods, offering the opportunity for both challenge and deep relaxation.
At The Flow, you will become part of a family of culture makers, lovers of life, explorers and lifelong learners. We invite you to connect, relax, get grounded, and explore another culture at The Flow Yoga Studio.
Dar Anis Yoga Studio
Dar Anis Yoga Studio is the latest creation of all-around healer and entrepreneur Stephanie, who left her native France for Morocco eighteen years ago, and hasn’t looked back since. Upon moving to Marrakech, Stef and her husband opened their beautiful Riad Magellan, a charming guest house in the Medina, before Stef went back to her first passion as an events organizer. It wasn’t until her pregnancy and the birth of her son Anis that she took up yoga and became immediately hooked.
In the last ten years, Stef has trained in a host of practices ranging from reiki to Chinese medicine to Kundalini and therapeutic yoga. Her practice has since settled on a Vinyasa-style flow, which she favors for its creativity and infinite rhythmic variations while keeping rigorous precision in posture alignment. However, her holistic training means she is able to offer a wide range of treatments besides the more traditional yoga classes, such as sound healing and Ayurvedic head- or full-body massage.
Located right in front of the iconic Dar el Bacha Royal Palace, Stef’s studio Dar Anis will allow you to experience all the charm of the Marrakech medina while taking you momentarily away from its hustle and bustle, to unwind your mind, heal your soul and nourish your body. In the spacious courtyard of their Namaste Cafè they offer a half-day retreat with a yoga class, a massage, and a vegan brunch, which is a great introduction to the world of yoga and wellness.
Besides her Marrakech studio, Stef also organizes retreats both in locations across the city and elsewhere in Morocco, including a surfing and yoga retreat in Essaouira and a special 7-day retreat in the middle of the desert. All the retreats feature boutique accommodation in charming riads across the city or rustic bivouacs in the middle of the magical Sahara with no electricity, phone, or internet, as well as wholesome vegetarian food and a host of wellness treatments to complete the yoga sessions.
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