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Spring Break Inspiration: Mexico's Most Beautiful Airbnbs

Spring Break Inspiration: Mexico's Most Beautiful Airbnbs

Whether you're planning a trip this spring, or just craving some design inspo, check out these dazzling Mexican Airbnbs

With Daylight time saving coming in, spring has properly started knocking at our doors with longer days filled with light and the sweet scent of nature blossoming again after one of the harshest winters in recent years. Though we may have to stay closer to home for this year’s Spring Break, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of armchair traveling and a spot of home decor inspiration.

Since we love artisanal crafts and cultural traditions, we think staying at Airbnbs is the absolute way to go, as they are often passion projects of people who come from the area or have lived there for years, and tend to be a much more authentic, flavorsome, and rewarding experience than a big hotel chain.

Here are our top three most beautiful Airbnbs in Oaxaca and Yucatán, handpicked for their astonishing architecture and design, for your eyes only. Warning: serious wanderlust side effects should be expected!

Casa Cal

Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca


Casa Cal on Airbnb

When it comes to beautifully designed luxury accommodation, architect Alfonso Quiñones’ Casa Cal has got you covered. This stunning 6-bedroom 6-bathroom house is ideal for groups of friends and family of up to twelve people, to enjoy a secluded getaway from the hustle and bustle of your daily life.

Take your first step through the dense jungle leading up to the house and across the threshold and it’s easy to understand why Casa Cal was awarded by the Mexican Association of Architects and Interior Designers for its stunning design.

Every detail in the house, gardens, and surroundings has been painstakingly curated by a leading team of architects and interior designers: from the harmonious juxtaposition of different materials and textures to finer fixtures and furnishing details, everything is designed for your maximum comfort and to make you feel at one with nature.

Each room maximizes the natural light and airiness of the environment, with neutral and light color palettes, Fusuma-style sliding doors made of natural wood and fibers, and its own private bathroom for added privacy and comfort.

The pool deck enjoys sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean, the surrounding garden is filled with exotic vegetation and cacti of all kinds, and takes you on a short yet adventurous walk leading to your own private beach made of the whitest, softest sand you’ve ever seen and filled with all kinds of shells and rock formations.

The house is staffed and includes cleaning, plus a cooking service by the amazing chef Angel and his team at an additional cost. Luciana, the Super Host, will bend over backward to satisfy your every need and will organize local outings as well as yoga classes and massages on request, which are one of their very best-sellers.

$125pppn (including cleaning fee and Airbnb commission, for bookings in the month of April, based on a 3-night stay minimum sharing with six people)

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Casita Jabin

Valladolid, Yucatán


Owner and Superhost Anette was born and raised in Yucatán but went on to lead a pretty jet-setting international life for the last ten or so years, during which she traveled extensively with her husband Lalo, more or less subconsciously gathering resources, inspirations, and references for what would become Casita Jabin.

Around four years ago, Anette and Lalo finally decided to take the plunge and make their dream come true. They conceived Casita Jabin as a project that would not only encompass their greatest passions - travel, nature, and beautifully designed spaces - but that would also re-connect Anette with her Yucatecan roots.

Since neither of them had a design or creative background (both hold MBAs and work in business administration), they brought on board a local architecture firm to help bring their vision to reality. Their aim was to create a space for relaxation, where guests could unplug in close contact with nature, but without sacrificing comfort and aesthetics.

The house is built using artisanal techniques and materials, such as chukum paste for the pool and locally sourced wood for the carpentry, while the decor seamlessly incorporates contemporary Mexican design in crude tones, to give the house a clean, timeless look, and also counterpoint the bold pink chosen for the exterior. For the interiors, they enlisted the help of some of the finest artisans and brands around the Yucatán peninsula and the country at large, including our very own Arudeko, who helped them with their beautiful handwoven cushions.

While design and attention to detail are definitely key features of the house, what really makes Casita Jabin special is the setting. Just outside the house, Anette and Lalo are growing an orchard with native trees like mangos, avocadoes, and mandarins, which means in the mornings you will wake up to the singing of birds and the smell of fresh fruit ripening in the Mexican sun. The lush plunge pool oversees a verdant Jabin tree (the local tree species which give the house its name) that provides cool shading in the afternoons, while at night the top terrace serves as a viewing platform to contemplate the most mesmerizing of night skies.

$70pppn (including cleaning fee and Airbnb commission, for bookings in the month of April, based on one-night booking sharing with three people)

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Casitas By The Sea

Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca


Casa Mar and Casa Arena on Airbnb
An otherworldly mix between an architectural piece of art and a love letter to the surrounding nature and landscape, Casitas by the Sea is the stunning work of Alberto Kalach, a multi-award-winning architect from Mexico City who has been mixing beauty and functionality in his work for decades.

Casitas by the Sea is made up of two separate one-bedroom villas, where guests can expect complete privacy and seclusion from everyday life, allowing them to spend a truly regenerating time made of relaxation and communion with nature and counterpointed by the soundtrack of the elements - ocean waves, birds, whistling winds through the jungle.

While Casa Mar is a literal stone’s throw away from the beach enjoying sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean and is decorated with 19th Century antiques from India, Africa, and Portugal, Casa Arena is set right in the middle of the jungle surrounded by the lushest vegetation and is decorated with a more contemporary style. Casa Mar is completed by a viewing platform next to it, which affords 360-degree views of the surroundings.

Both villas are equipped with a full kitchen, bathroom, shower al fresco, and of course a private pool, and they essentially consist of a wooden structure mounted on a platform at around one meter from ground level.

The walls are in fact sliding doors of palm wood which open completely to allow the breeze to run freely and let you enjoy a spectacular 360-degree view of the ocean and the surrounding vegetation, making it the ideal place to rest, practice yoga, and meditation, admire the local fauna and the beautiful nature that surrounds it.

The white sandy beach is mostly deserted and perfect for long relaxing walks. At its western end, a wonderful rock formation offers rock climbing and fishing to the most adventurous guests, while on the opposite side all the way to the east, the stunning Manialtepec Lagoon is a wonderful day-trip from the house.

Hotel Escondido is a short walk away from both houses and offers day passes for its pool and beach club, steam room, and restaurant, while Casa Wabi, a Foundation for artists designed by the Japanese architect Tadao Ando, is a short drive away and works really well as a cultural day trip.

Casa Arena: $90pppn / Casa Mar: $100pppn (including cleaning fee and Airbnb commission, for bookings in the month of April, based on a 2-night stay minimum sharing with three people)

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