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The Best Fall Candles and Candleholders for Your Thanksgiving Host

The Best Fall Candles and Candleholders for Your Thanksgiving Host

Candles and candleholders galore

As fall foliage decorates the streets in amber hues and cooler weather warrants more layers, it seems our home decor follows suit—causing us to seek ambient lighting and sources of warmth in even the smallest ways. So it’s no wonder that come the new season, we’re drawn to fall candles of various shapes, sizes, and scents. And as something that’s considered universally-loved, it’s a surefire (pun intended) gift for those gracious hosts that are having you over the holiday season.

Here, The Nopo has rounded up the best fall candle and candleholders—from a set inspired by French patisserie and holders that double as decor, to candles scented with certain intentions in mind—to show your Thanksgiving host just how, well, thankful you truly are.

1# Pop Dots Studio Handcrafted Dias en Vela Candleholders

Handcrafted in Guadalajara (a city in western Mexico) from solid clay, these candleholders come in different combinations of terracotta and white. Designed with the ritual of candle lighting in mind, they’re meant to aid in moments of reflection and respite. 

2# Consciente Set of 3 Siglos Candles

Crafted by a collective of female artisans in Tonalá, Mexico, each Siglos candle is hand-poured for a totally distinct effect—no two are the same. Even more, each color diffuses a unique scent to cater to specific intentions.

3# Nelly Ortiz Handmade Ceramic Cactus Candle Holder

For the host who loves a bit of contemporary design, look no further than Nelly Ortiz’s ceramic cactus candleholder. It’s available in both matte or shiny finishes.

4# Soufiane Aissouni One Line Eye Candle Holder

What better gift is there than that of protection? Handcrafted by Moroccan designer Soufiane Aissouni, this evil eye candle holder marries centuries-old superstitions with modern, one-line design.

5# Bougie Set of 3 Colonne Scented Candles

Lightly scented through essential oils and dyed with natural, sustainably-sourced coloring, Bougie’s set of hand-poured candles are 100% vegan and paraffin-free. Mimicking the architecture of columns, the candles are available in a choice of three different combinations of pastel shades.

6# Bougie Set of 3 Choux Candles

Inspired by French patisserie, this set of delicate candles looks sweet enough to eat. The contemporary designed set comes in four neutral color combinations.

7# Cote Bougie The Black Edition Series Scented Candles

For a more minimal host, Cote Bougie’s Black Edition Series candle features a matte black aesthetic with chic gold accents. Inspired by the enchantment of Morocco, each scent channels an element exclusive to the country.

8# La Cosita Chula Metzi Candleholder

Doubling as a candleholder or simply an objet d’art, La Cosita Chula’s hammered copper and stone design is a statement piece no matter how it’s used. Blending traditional and contemporary techniques, it brings a touch of Mexico to any home.


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