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The Best Kept Secret of Marrakech

The Best Kept Secret of Marrakech

Nathalie talks about her work spanning decades sharing Berber culture and traditions through her brand and boutique hotel Maison Anaroze

Deep in the middle of the Marrakech medina, amongst the souks selling pottery and rugs, and beyond the inebriating scents of the spice markets lies the corner of paradise you didn’t know you needed to visit. Founded in 2020, Maison Anaroze Riad, a visionary boutique hotel, is the long-planned fruit of Nathalie’s labors. After living in Morocco with her family for 16 years, her perspective as an interior designer has been guided by Morocco and Berber culture, which is seen in Maison Anaroze-it’s the perfect synthesis between her French soul of Moroccan adoption, her love for upholding Berber culture, and her architect’s passion for the renovation of historical buildings.


Maison Anaroze's courtyard and terraces seem to come out of enchanted bygone times when life was simpler, slower, and more magical. From the central courtyard and the terrace bars, one can catch glimpses of Marrakech's quasi-perennial blue skies while the call to prayer soars above the crenelated walls. Nathalie's delicately curated palette of creams and whites, counterpointed by the accents of color from the raffia decor and furniture, transports guests to an otherworldly place of calm and tranquility.


At Maison Anaroze, Nathalie personally welcomes guests and curates their stay for a truly bespoke boutique hotel experience–from booking restaurants and activities to arranging wellness treatments and pampering guests with a scrumptious menu of Moroccan cuisine reinterpreted through a modern lens. The dedicated on-site chef reimagines Moroccan tagines while taking any and all requests from guests for that special dessert from childhood they had been dying to have again.


Growing up in a family of artists, Nathalie has always had an artistic penchant for exploring materials in various states, constantly searching for the next centuries-old technique to apply to her vision.

"I've always felt the need to create, invent, and reimagine spaces to craft a more harmonious and balanced way of living. Art and design go beyond the functionality of objects for me, which is why Berber craftsmanship was so attractive. Far from just being decorative, Berber art is a primitive, abstract art…full of meaningful designs that tell the stories, rites, beliefs, and traditions of these desert people."


Working in collaboration with artisans from the Marrakech medina, Nathalie designs pieces that are deeply set in the history of Berber craftsmanship. Each item is one of a kind and has a peculiar aspect to it–from the use of a tar-like substance used to waterproof clay cups made by Berber nomads in the desert to the specific firing techniques for ceramics passed down through generations of grandfathers, fathers, and sons.


Beginning with her Maison Anaroze creations, and now continuing on with the Maison Anaroze guest house, Nathalie has been sharing her passion for Morocco, the Marrakech medina, and Berber culture with friends, family, and guests for nearly twenty years. Today, her collection of raffia and clay décor, including candle holders, vases, wood wall hangings can be exclusively discovered on The Nopo.

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