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Unique Father’s Day Gifts That He’s Sure to Love

Unique Father’s Day Gifts That He’s Sure to Love

Finding a special gift for Father’s Day shouldn’t be so difficult! We just made it easier with our team’s top picks

If you're anything like me, you probably struggle when it comes to buying gifts for the men in your life. Whether it’s a birthday or Father’s Day, I find myself scouring the internet for cool and meaningful gifts, hoping to finally find something that will truly spark joy, and that will actually be used! 

My idea of the perfect gift is something that tells a story, holds meaning beyond its functionality, and has the power to inspire. This is especially true when picking out a gift for someone as special as a father.

We’ve asked some of our closest friends to share their top picks for Father’s Day, and we put together this list of gifts to get you inspired and excited.

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For the Dad Who Loves to Play

My father was definitely the “fun” dad. During the week he would work until late, but on the weekends he always made time to play with me and my siblings and teach us new games. It was over a game of chess or parcheesi, a puzzle, or a game of cards that we would have the best conversations and share jokes, dilemmas, and life philosophies. 

This Handmade Leather Playing Card Set depicts the vivid array of Colombia’s wild flora and fauna on each card. The set comes in a distinct leather-bound case that can sit elegantly on a coffee table or his desk. The classy handmade leather Ajedrez Chess Set is a timeless board game he’ll be proud to pass down generations. The chess set includes 32 hand-carved and hand-painted wooden pieces and comes in a beautiful leather box.

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For the Life of the Party Dad

My dad loved having friends and neighbors over, and our home was always filled with people. Growing up, the parties were always at our house. I love how my dad makes everyone feel welcome. 

These beautiful Handcarved Volcanic Stone Shot Glasses are designed to convey the flavor profile and characteristics of each drink. They are crafted from a single hand-carved piece of volcanic stone, ensuring great durability. The Primitivo Wine Holder is forged by hand and sculpted in either black marble or white onyx–a beautiful piece to boast the best bottles in an inviting and accessible way.

Be party-ready with this beautiful Marble Mezcalero Set comprising six shot glasses ideal for Mexican mezcal and a serving tray to hold the slices of lemon and pinch of salt you'll need to taste your mezcal the traditional way. The stunning handcrafted Cebra Cutting Board made from solid wood is ideal for serving your guests little nibbles.

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For the Nature & Garden-loving Dad

I definitely got my love of nature and gardening from my dad. As a kid we’d spend hours in the garden together and it became “our thing,” something that really connects us. 

The UFO Terrarium Planter is a sustainable little jungle for your tropical plants and is a great way to bring the joy of nature into your home. The Image & Likeness I Plant Pot & Stand is a slender plant pot and stand that seeks to capture the importance of self-love and uniqueness of the individual. Made by hand from ceramic and steel, it is perfect for your kitchen herbs, an urban houseplant, or to add jazz and color to your terrace.

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For the New Dad

So this is my first time actually celebrating Father’s Day for my partner. I knew he would be a great dad, but it’s still pretty amazing to see the beautiful connection he has with our daughter. There is nothing more beautiful to me than to see them cuddling. 

This beautiful Handwoven Artisanal Cotton Hammock is crafted using ancestral techniques, and it's perfect to create a cozy lounging and relaxing space outdoors or indoors. And as a new dad, he'll be needing a backpack to carry his little one’s things, but there’s no reason why not do it with style! La Liga Backpack, handmade by expert leatherwork artisans in San Cristobal, Chiapas, has been designed to carry a basketball or soccer ball with ease, so it really is the perfect backpack to take to the park for a day of fun.

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For the Dad Who Appreciates Good Coffee and Good Conversation

My dad is my go-to person when I need sound advice or just want to share ideas. He’s a great listener and he’s one of the most knowledgeable people I know. We both also love our coffee, and I associate the aroma of coffee with a great conversation. 

These beautifully handmade Mexican Marbled Espresso Cups are a wonderful way to bring some cultural enhancement and color to your coffee table. These black ceramic mugs, handmade by mother & daughter duo Anna Lebrija, are a pleasure to look at, as well as drink from.

This elegant Set of Two Black Señorcito Espresso Cups are crafted by master Mexican artisans and are so unique. The Argolla Set of 4 Coffee Cups, reminiscent of the style common in the 1960s,  are fashioned using a mix of stoneware and terracotta clay cooked in a high-temperature kiln and hand-thrown using the ancient pottery traditions of Jalisco and Guanajuato.

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