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Welcome to Mexico

Welcome to Mexico

Join The Nopo as we make our way across the Atlantic Ocean from Morocco to Mexico on an exciting journey of discovery and inspiration 

This year at The Nopo, we’ve finally seen our vision come true and have been able to connect artists and craftsmen and women to worldwide shoppers eager to experience the true wonders of the world and enjoy its cultural and artistic riches.
By bridging geographical distances & language barriers, facilitating safe & secure payment, providing reliable international shipping, and promoting fair trade, we've created real access to exceptional artisans thousands of kilometers away.
This incredible journey started off in Morocco, but for our next destination, we’re taking you across the whole of the Atlantic Ocean… You guessed it, welcome to Mexico!
Photos by: @Gustavo Moguel
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It’s hard to say what attracted us to this beautiful country first. From delicious food and millennia-old history to the warmth and hospitality of its people and its eclectic arts & crafts scene, Mexico absolutely has it all.
Get ready to be amazed by a huge variety of natural landscapes: from the fine white sand of the Yucatán peninsula to the wonders of the submerged cenotes, Mexico will satisfy adventurers and beach lovers alike.
And for history buffs, remnants of Mayan and Aztec cultures still seep into the modern day in cultural traditions and festivities, as well as being a joy to behold at archeological sites such as Chichén Itzá and Tulúm: we won’t blame you for being awestruck in front of the imposing stone temple of Kukulcán!
Despite its vicinity to the US, Mexico has done a wonderful job of retaining its unique traditions and distinctive culture. Music, for example, is absolutely everywhere. Mariachi bands dressed in typical attires entertain locals and tourists alike, while the Jarabe Tapatio, the “Mexican hat dance” will mesmerize you with its exuberant brass and strings arrangements and the women’s huge skirts swirling around.
Popular festivities linked to the Catholic tradition are still a focal point of Mexican society, such as the Day of the Dead (Día de los Muertos), where unconventionally joyful parades breathe new life to the streets of cities and villages alike, honoring loved ones who passed away in a triumph of color, music, and celebrations.
Modern Mexican culture is nowhere more obvious than the capital, Mexico City. Its hustle and bustle bring about a sense of chaotic excitement which will exhilarate you with a host of sights and sounds: strolling around the markets where street vendors blare out pre-recorded announcements of the different food they sell (carne asada anyone?) is an experience in itself.
Out of the many museums in the city, the Museo de Arte Popular, the Folk Art Museum, will make you travel through the whole country without taking a step, with its impressive collection of arts and crafts from Mexico’s thirty-two states.
As a matter of fact, the craft element is absolutely embedded into Mexican culture: from handpainted signs and murals on the walls of Mexico City, or the brightly decorated altars for Día de los Muertos, to the psychedelic gondola-like boats of Xochimilco and the flamboyant costumes of Mariachi bands, the Mexican artesanía is a colorful patchwork of artisanal crafts that vary from paper and textile to wood, beadwork, painting and street art.
While Oaxaca is traditionally known as the richest state in terms of crafts, with its woven rugs, papier-maché piñata-inspired animal figurines (alebrijes), and wooden whisks to prepare hot chocolate (molinillos). Head to Taxco for fine silver jewelry, or to Guanajuato for masterfully decorated leather goods (vegans beware!). Every state has its own unique niche.
The west coast offers beautiful beadwork from the Huichol people, as well as the flourishing ceramics tradition of Jalisco and the pretty blown glasswork of Puebla. In the very heart of the country in the State of Mexico, the relatively unknown Trees of Life (Árboles de la Vida), complex clay sculptures depicting scenes from the Bible or general folklore, will leave you gaping.
And for the homeys amongst us, don’t miss the comfy handcrafted hammocks of Yucatán: it is said swinging on one of them at home might seriously aggravate your wanderlust.
We’re really excited to take you on this journey of discovery with us, and cannot wait to bring you artisanal crafts from a host of Mexican artists… Stay tuned for updates!
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