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Welcome to Morocco

Welcome to Morocco

Breathtaking views of the Atlas mountains, gorgeous beaches along the Mediteranean sea and Atlantic ocean, and of course the stunning Sahara desert. Whether you are after an adventure, luxurious retreat, delicious cuisine, fantastic shopping or an extraordinary cultural experience, Morocco is the ultimate destination. 
Morocco is particularly renowned for its exceptional aesthetics, evident in its stunning architecture and design. Palaces, mosques and Riads deck the cities of Morocco with a spectacular fusion of colonial and arabesque styles, giving the country its fantastical rustic grandeur. From the UNESCO Heritage cities of Marrakech, Fez and Taroudant to the blue-washed mountain village of Chefchaouen and the sun-kissed fishing villages along the coast, there is an endless supply of magnificent facades, charming courtyards and delightful niches.
Morocco’s is particularly well known for its Markets or in their Arabic name "Souks". The vibrant, bustling markets of Morocco are full of color and exotic fragrances of spices and perfumes. An abundance of beautiful crafts, handmade in ancient techniques handed down from one generation to the next, fill the market stalls. Each artisan specializing in a very specific craft for which he has been trained often since childhood. Moroccan souks are a paradise for home-styling enthusiasts and vintage treasure hunters, and generally crafts are of high quality as they are strictly regulated by the king’s laws.
Last but not least, Morocco is famous for its warm hospitality, its friendly people and delicious food. A unique synthesis of Berber, Arab, Andalusi, Mediterranean and French influences are at the base of Moroccan cuisine, which is rich with flavor and texture. Starting your day with an extravagant breakfast in a beautiful Riad patio garden, moving on to a mid-morning mint tea and pastry snack, lunching on traditional Cuscus and Tagine dishes, only to continue for dinner on a beautiful roof-top restaurant serving local dishes with a modern twist. If not for anything else, its worth visiting Morocco for its exquisite culinary experiences.
Exotic, chaotic, vibrant and magical. With magnificent and diverse landscapes, beautiful rustic villages, enchanting cities, mystical and ancient traditions, charming hotels, divine cuisine and incredibly friendly people, Morocco is truly an unparalleled destination.
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