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Meet The Artisans

  • Claudia Trejos

    Claudia Trejos

    Jewelry designer Claudia Trejos founded her brand in 2002 as a result of her studies beyond the frontiers of design. Believing every woman is unique, Claudia creates harmonious pieces of jewelry that express art, femininity, and individuality.

    Working with gemstones and precious metals like 18k solid gold and silver, Claudia is able to create unique pieces for each of her clients. Art is infinite, and the combinations that talented hands of artisans are able to produce are endless.
  • Puntocrudo


    Puntocrudo is a ceramic studio founded by Silvia Triana, a visual artist from Medellín, Colombia, who has dedicated her career to the research and study of the art of ceramics. Puntocrudo seeks to exalt craftsmanship and handmade knowledge based on a conscious relationship with the material. 

     Through different hand-building techniques and collaboration with artisans and designers, Puntocrudo is able to explore the properties of ceramic surfaces, creating objects that find their value in imperfection.

  • LIN


    Nicole & Natalia created their brand LIN to bring back the classic elegance of a well-set table, while making sure the product design and palettes stayed appealing to the younger generations, adding a touch of playfulness that would firmly modernize her products.

    Standing out for their neat but quirky designs, the LIN household range includes napkins, table mats, and towels, each featuring an embroidered image inspired by the bountiful Colombian nature, such as tropical birds, fish, and corals.
  • BERA Joyería Textil

    BERA Joyería Textil

    After a career as a Business Administrator, Rosario Sobrino decided to leave her day job and start Bera in April 2011, pushed by her long-standing love for manual work, weaving, sewing, and fashion.

    Bera’s mission is to create jewelry through the exploration of the craft of weaving and the use of alternative materials normally not associated with jewelry making. All of Bera’s products draw inspiration mainly from African and indigenous aesthetics.
  • AdriO


    Adriana Ocampo is an architect from Cali, Colombia, who has always been passionate about nature and design. Trying to merge her interests with her professional life, ten years ago Adriana created her exclusive accessories brand AdriO.

    Using high-quality leather, silver, and gold-plated bronze, she fashions unique accessories inspired by Colombian native and exotic fauna alike. Napkins holders complete her collection of quirky animals - elephants, crocodiles, insects, fish - bringing her aesthetics from fashion to home décor.
  • Fenomena


    Alejandra Llano launched her jewelry brand Fenomena in 2012, to create timeless pieces that seamlessly blend modern design and classical traditions, exemplified in the ever-present Colombian emeralds in each of her pieces.

    While Alejandra is still in charge of designing each piece herself, she collaborates with master artisans for her production, highlighting the beauty of this typical Colombian stone in all of its states, from rough rustic cuts to pristine fine-jewelry pieces.
  • Baron & Vicario

    Baron & Vicario

    Baron & Vicario was born out of the desire to shake the world, instigate a reflection and promote Mexican craftsmanship. Designer Raul de la Cerda learned the craft from his father while growing up in Texcoco and chose natural resin for his creations in a conscious commitment to sustainability.

    Barón & Vicario is an expression of love for Mexico, which goes from the artisan hands that shape materials into products that are not only ornamental but a testament to Mexico’s beauty.
  • Atico 35

    Atico 35

    Architects Fernanda, Maria Jose and Stephanie met at college and in 2017 they started their interior design brand, which over time evolved into Atico 35, a multi-disciplinary firm designing bespoke objects of décor to nurture your home interiors as well as your soul.

    Atico 35 takes its name from the attic, where memories are stored in long-forgotten objects. Similarly, Atico 35’s creates décor and small furniture that tells a story, while seeking to influence positively the customer’s emotions and, ultimately, their quality of life.
  • Chin Chan Pu Ceramica

    Chin Chan Pu Ceramica

    Mexican sculptress Eva Trujillo approached ceramics as part of her training and soon realized she was more interested in pottery. Keen to be her own boss, she founded her brand Chin Chan Pu Ceramica, named after the Spanish version of “rock, paper, scissors”.

    Inspired by her surroundings and her love of nature, Eva makes kitchenware such as bowls, plates, and cups, in the shapes of vegetables and plants, to help you enjoy your meals in a joyful manner.
  • Cala


    Catalina, founder of Cala, quit her job and spent six months traveling around Mexico in search of artisans to promote and highlight their artisanal talent. Having found her dream team, Catalina now works directly with artisans from Puebla, Yucatan, Jalisco and Mexico and together they create magical products.

    CALA started with an idea; to transform handmade traditional Mexican artifacts into modern creations, while using the same techniques that have been passed down through generations.

    Cala's mission is to promote handmade products and to convey the meaning of each item. Every artwork represents a moment from the life of every artisan, which is turned into a piece and transmitted to someone. Additionally,  artisans are able to use their heritage to create beautiful objects with a meaningful story that preserve their tradition.

    That is why all our products are 100% handmade by Mexican artisans. In each product, the past and present coexist. It is the perfect fusion of the beauty and essence of traditional processes integrated into contemporary designs.
  • Espora


    ‘Espora’ is a Jewelry brand created by childhood friends Annika Ussel and Kytzia Bourlon. The inspiration for the brand’s original creations comes from the kingdom of nature. To the founders, every unique piece is imbued with the energy of the living being it represents.

    The word ‘Espora’ means ‘Spore’ in Spanish, symbolizing the special properties that spores hold within themselves. Spores can reproduce without joining with another cell. Like the spores it is named after, the brand’s creations resonate with unity and resilience, and carry messages of renewed energy and inspiration to everyone they encounter.
  • Casa Martina

    Casa Martina

    Andrea Banderas founded Casa Martina Mexico with the goal of giving her clients organic and stylish pieces that would liven up their homes. She turns steel, glass and fiber glass into organic and memorable pieces.

    After graduating from college, Andrea found some incredible interior pieces and started her own business. She came to the realization that Mexican products offer incredible possibilities for decorating.

    Casa Martina was founded in February 2018 and strives to have a variety of the best decoration items by combining Andrea’s experience as manufacturer and designer.
  • Luun


    Luun Ceramics was founded in 2021 by Rabat-based sister duo Lina and Ghita Khaoulani, a PhD. candidate who is a lifelong artist/designer, and an Architect.  Their journey to bring their passion for things Handmade to life led them to experiment with clay as a base material. Combining inspirations from interior design and the world of emotions, they give free rein to their ability to fuse influences and techniques in creating each new piece, manufacturing in small batches. Luun’s pieces highlight the little things that make up our daily lives. 100% handmade, imperfections are part of the brand’s trademark characteristics.
  • Maison Anaroze

    Maison Anaroze

    It was destiny that brought Nathalie to Morocco over 16 years ago, where she’s since renovated three 18th-century buildings in Marrakech’s medina, transforming them into what is now Maison Anaroze Riad Marrakech.

    Her interior design style is a mix of raw and authentic, using materials such as clay, wood, lime patinas, and plaster. By contrasting raw objects and materials with more fragile and well-worn materials, Maison Anaroze brings to life a timeless aesthetic that feels both centuries-old and contemporary.
  • Soufiane Zaytoune

    Soufiane Zaytoune

    Marrakech born and raised Soufiane Zaytoune started working with his hands at the very young age of 14 when helping out in his father’s garage. After designing and creating his own custom-made leather travel bag, Soufiane was surprised by the great interest shown in his work.

    Inspired to continue his creative process as an artisan, Soufiane now creates marble, brass, and leather products with the aim of showcasing the great traditions of Moroccan craftsmanship with an added modern spin.
  • Itri Designs

    Itri Designs

    Itri Design was founded by Imane Laghmari, a young Moroccan artist, graduated in Styling and Fashion Accessories from both the Instituto Marangoni in Milan and the Atelier Chardon Savard in Paris.
    Her inspiration comes from Imane’s passion for minerals and interior design, combined in a unique concept: a juxtaposition of raw semi-crystals and terracotta. Totally handcrafted in Morocco, each vase is a rare and one-of-a-kind, handmade to serve as spiritual healing for mind, body, and soul.
  • Soy Laila

    Soy Laila

    Architectural Designer Laila Benseddik worked several years in the design industry before deciding to pursue her dream of becoming a painter. With her project Soy Laila, today she is a self-taught artist primarily working on paper, canvas, and walls.

    Her special technique consists of single-line drawings where she explores facial expressions, body movements, and femininity. Neither abstract nor realistic, she paints a colorful and intriguing world where the artist's imagination encourages the public to interpret their own emotions.
  • Laly Marrakech

    Laly Marrakech

    In 2015, leaving her demanding job in Finance, Badra Bengeloune took a leap of faith and created her fashion brand: Laly Marrakech. A refined, contemporary, and modern brand aiming to fuse modern lines with traditional Moroccan know-how.

    Using only high-quality fabrics meticulously sourced in Italy, each garment and accessory is handmade in Morocco and embellished with embroidery and decorations hand-stitched by expert craftswomen, giving each piece a relaxed yet sophisticated look.
  • GUNIA Project

    GUNIA Project

    GUNIA Project was created in 2017 by Natasha Kamenska and Maria Gavryliuk with a mission to preserve Ukrainian national values and show the world the beauty of Ukraine by highlighting handmade crafts like decorative paintings, ceramics, wicker weaving, and embroidery.

    In line with our mission of bringing the world’s most exceptional artisans to you, The Nopo is partnering with GUNIA Project to support Ukrainian artisans and their country. 100% of the money you spend on Ukrainian crafts will go directly to GUNIA Project, with zero fees taken out.