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28th Store
Meet The Artisans

28th Store

Professional Mexican freestyle footballer (or soccer player) Nayib de la Rosa was inspired to start his brand of leather bags to solve the problem he was having during his itinerant ball juggling shows: how would he carry his footballs in a slick, functional, and beautiful manner?

His brand 28th Store was born out of that idea and became a lifelong passion, crafting unique, timeless leather products for modern travelers, Millennial entrepreneurs, and family men alike, while elevating Mexican craftsmanship on a world stage.

Nayib named the brand after his age when he started, 28 being a year when he decided to take life more seriously and to weave his love of design with a pursuit of elegant, minimal creativity. After training in leather work in San Cristobal, Chiapas, Mexico, Nayib found his ideal partners in a local family of artisans with a multi-generational tradition of leatherwork.

Today, 28th Store aims to become a heritage brand, loved and used by families for generations, crafting all-leather bags and accessories that integrate design and functionality. Thanks to Nayib’s designs and the artisans’ expertise, each item is an exquisite one-of-a-kind, exploiting the leather’s own colors and textures to the full.