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Adriana Santacruz
Meet The Artisans

Adriana Santacruz

Fashion designer Adriana Santacruz passionately defines her work as “abstract art, lightness of constructivism and spirituality.” With indigenous communities in southern Colombia, she creates beautiful fashion for the avant-garde woman, who seeks in her timeless garments a form of expression that unites contemporaneity, versatility and perfection.

The brand Adriana Santacruz came to fruition out of the designer’s concern to innovate the fashion world by working with artisan women descendants of ‘Los Pastos,’ one of the most outstanding cultures in Pre-Columbian history, to generate a process of experimentation and understanding in its textile designs.

Since its birth the brand has been building a bridge between ancestral knowledge and art, where design and craft techniques developed by generations of indigenous communities of Los Pastos continue to be brought to life, to transmit cultural legacy and ancestral expertise through fashion design.

Adriana Santacruz has been awarded and recognized by the Marangoni Institute in Milan, Vogue, different news and fashion media, as well as the Colombian government.