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Al Centro Ceramica
Meet The Artisans

Al Centro Ceramica

Designer Michele de Alba started her brand Al Centro Ceramica focusing initially on wholesale ceramic and clay productions for hotels and restaurants, connecting the work of different workshops to be able to offer a greater variety of products to clients looking for artisan ceramics for their businesses.

With time, she decided to shift the focus of her production to smaller communities in Jalisco & Guanajuato, starting to develop her own designs and working hand in hand with families of artisans who have developed very particular styles of ceramic production, mixing different pottery traditions from the two Mexican states.

Enthusiastic about the manual and creative potential of clay, stoneware and the infinite possibilities different glazes afford, Michele is a true believer of the bond that exists between designer, maker, and consumer. Every piece by Al Centro Ceramica celebrates and recognizes manual work as an example of kindness and integrity, manifested in the collective efforts of all those involved in making it.