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Free U.S. Shipping & Returns for Orders Over $150
Meet The Artisans


Sisters Maria Andrea and Viviane set up Albana following an idea they’d had for years to develop a brand that would promote social, environmental, and cultural consciousness in their native Mexico. Their work strives to go back to a purer, more original way of living and rescue our very own essence as human beings through the craftsmanship that Mexico is so rich in.


Their shared love for interior design means they started focussing on home decor and today develop a range of products such as lighting, carpets, ceramics, and accessories in collaboration with master artisans from the states of Jalisco, Michoacan, Estado de Mexico, and Querétaro.


Albana’s creations are designed and manufactured in full regards of the natural processes of the earth, using sustainable materials that respect Mother Nature, while preserving ancestral crafts and traditions on the brink of extinction because of globalization and mass production.


Buying Albana’s creations means supporting local commerce and directly impacting the lives of tens of families of artisans with whom they work hand in hand in more than 14 communities. Each piece is entirely handmade and therefore unique, carrying a precious historical, social and cultural value.