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Algo Studio
Meet The Artisans

Algo Studio

After his studies in Furniture Design, in 2019 architect Diego Garza founded Algo Studio, a creative workshop where contemporary and useful furniture, lighting, and ceramic objects come to life thanks to expert artisan hands.

Diego believes that real beauty in objects is not only determined by their visual appearance but more importantly by their ability to impress and stimulate our visual and tactile attention.

Based in Monterrey, Mexico, Algo studio is keen on keeping things fresh. All its pieces are made in small batches of no more than 100-200 units so that its products are always in trend. Algo Studio is therefore able to constantly release new pieces, new collections, and limited editions, with a soft spot for personalization and custom orders.

All pieces are imagined and designed by Diego, while the production process is taken care of by the expert hands of Mexican craftsmen in the Morelos community, making each product the result of a perfect fusion between old and new, contemporary and traditional, artisan and designer.