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Alicia D'Core
Meet The Artisans

Alicia D'Core

After her MBA Alicia Rosas set out on the quest of generating social impact through artisanal crafts. She traveled extensively around Mexico before settling for two families in Olinalá, Guerrero state, that she started working with, marrying innovative design with traditional techniques to create beautiful objects of interior decor.

Whether it be an ornate hand-painted tray, plate, box, cup, or another kitchen accessory, Alicia D’Core’s products are made lovingly by hand through a meticulous process. Ancestral techniques and materials are preserved, whilst Alicia’s modern designs give the pieces a unique contemporary touch.

Since starting her brand in 2017, Alicia has expanded and now employs 45 families across the two villages of Temalacatzingo and Olinalá in the Sierra de Guerrero. Working hand in hand with artisans and promoting a spirit of collaboration are essential elements of Alicia D’Core’s ethos.

Buying one of Alicia’s pieces means respecting ancestral traditions, fostering responsible business practices and gender equality, and generating a real social impact in makers’ communities across the state of Guerrero.