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Amate Ceramica
Meet The Artisans

Amate Ceramica

Darío’s love for ceramics is as old as the techniques he uses to mold the clay with his sculptor’s hands. While he started making ceramics as a hobby, he took an intensive clay modeling course in his mid-twenties, which formalized his practically acquired knowledge and opened up many artistic possibilities in his work as a ceramicist.

His interest in any material that can be modeled is evident in his training as a sculptor and his love for all arts, which he sees as vital in the development of humanity since they help us express our deepest feelings and bridge the gap between our truest selves and our earthly beings.

Following his training in clay work, Darío became interested in the study of the historical and artistic transcendence of clay and decided to begin Amate Ceramica as a project inspired by the reconstruction, recognition, and respect of pre-Columbian artisanal work mixed with the conceptual work of contemporary ceramic practices.

Today, Darío works predominantly with regional clay and experiments with its different reactions to temperature and treatments, fusing two alien worlds - the prehispanic and the contemporary - to create beautiful vases and decorative pieces that transcend time becoming true works of art.