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Ana Buendia
Meet The Artisans

Ana Buendia

In 2007 when the world of blogging started existing, industrial and textile designer Ana Buendia became one of the first Colombian fashion bloggers… Entirely by accident!

At the time, Ana was working for a fashion textile company and while years later she was able to channel the industry know-how in her own brand, she never felt at ease with the world of fast fashion and excessive consumerism.

Thanks to her blog, she started collaborating with magazines on visual merchandising, before launching into the world of Instagram. Far from being an influencer though, she finally plunged into designing her unique jewelry collection, which later became her own brand Ana Buendia.

Today, Ana specializes in silver vermeil and gold-plated silver jewelry, with an exclusive touch given by the juxtaposition of conflict-free gemstones such as Colombian emeralds. Mindful of the environment and fair-trade practices, Ana learned about gemology and exclusively sources her stones from an ethically-run mine in Colombia, while also using recycled materials wherever possible.

Meaningful and effortless, but with a lot of attitude, Ana’s jewels are a mystical balm for the soul and, rather than just being an adornment, they are long-lasting, seasonless pieces that literally live and breathe with you.