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Anaho Studio
Meet The Artisans

Anaho Studio


When multi-disciplinary artists Ana Lucía and Rafael decided to join their lives and start a family, it encouraged them to also find a path creating art together. What was born was Anaho Studio. “Ohana” written backwards, the name was chosen because it means "family" and is the namesake of their lovely daughter who was born alongside this wholehearted project.

With a passion for bringing pieces of art into interior design, together with the magical hands of master artisans, they developed workshops where they teach and employ dozens of families in different communities of Quintana Roo and Yucatán, supporting fair trade and local craftsmanship. As a result they have formed a beautiful and productive community.

Anaho Studio creations are inspired by Mother Nature, combining ancient techniques with contemporary design, using sustainable materials for an ecological lifestyle with a color palette that brings life and warmth to your home. A brand dedicated to conscious customers who value quality, authenticity, and handmade items made with love, Anaho Studio offers hammocks, lamp shades, wall decor, table accessories, and homeware.