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Anna Lebrija
Meet The Artisans

Anna Lebrija


Anna and her mother began their artistic journey in the mid-2010s when they discovered their shared love for ceramics, an incredibly versatile material with endless creative possibilities.


After graduating as an industrial designer, Anna enrolled in an Arts & Crafts school in Mexico to become a ceramicist. Hand in hand with talented Japanese craftsmen and women, she learned about their ancestral methods and the physics and chemistry required to bring designs from paper to real life. Most importantly, she studied how to transform natural minerals into complex glazes and shapes and how to provide ceramics artworks with specific properties.


For two years Anna and her mother experimented with minerals, ceramic glazes, and different firing temperatures, a journey of constant discovery that eventually culminated in the creation of their own formulas and their brand personality. Anna Lebrija was born out of this journey and officially launched with the first collection of tea and coffee ceramics in 2018.


Today, Anna and her mother continue making stunning collections in the hope that their pieces be used to take the time to breathe and be present, enjoy a cup of coffee and forge meaningful connections with your loved ones.

Anna Lebrija