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Artesano Casa
Meet The Artisans

Artesano Casa

Jimena and Lorena have been bound by a long-term friendship based on their shared love for Mexico, its crafts, arts, and culture, and the willingness to help master artisans around the country preserve their traditions while making a dignified living.

When Jimena first started thinking of ways to share her enormous love for Mexican crafts with the rest of the world, she enlisted the help of her friend Lorena, marketing guru and communication expert. Together, they created their brand Artesano Casa as a way to support a wealth of artisan communities in rural Mexico, becoming a strong channel of distribution for makers who wouldn’t otherwise be able to access the market.

Thanks to Artesano Casa, many craftsmen and women who were close to abandoning their traditional crafts because of hardships in favor of factory jobs or a move to the city, have instead been able to preserve their traditions and identity.

Jimena and Lorena work very closely with the makers, in a continuous exchange of knowledge and ideas that ultimately aims at promoting fair and honest trade, creating a space where passion and creativity can flourish and stay alive despite challenging conditions.