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Meet The Artisans


Sisters Nailea and Denisse Arnaiz Torres have always shared a common passion for anything handmade, artisanal crafts and interior decoration, having being brought up in a family where architecture, design, and arts were the daily bread.

In 2016, they turned this passion into a business and founded Arudeko, making textile products such as cushions and carpets to promote traditional techniques in collaboration with Mexican artisans.

Arudeko is the meeting point between the artisans’ expert hands and contemporary interior design, elevating handmade crafts to the level of art and making sure artisans are properly recognised for their masterful creations.

Arudeko collaborates with various zapotec families and artisans from Valle de Oaxaca, who all work with the pedal loom, a widely used technique in the region, and use exclusively natural dyes obtained from local materials such as pomegranate peel, Aztec marigold flower, and hay, among others.

Each design goes from being an intangible idea to a beautiful product thanks to the artisans’ skills, which is why Nailea and Denisse are passionate about recognising the artisans’ mastery with fair compensation and excellent working conditions.