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Atelier 122
Meet The Artisans

Atelier 122

Atelier 122 is a brand born out of N and T Collection, a Colombian company founded by Nathalia Alvarez, who has more than 15 years of experience in the artisanal world. Recognizing the market gap for natural and organic fibers, Atelier 122 was added as a sister brand to be able to offer different products, generate employment opportunities, as well as work with sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly materials.

Working with indigenous communities of artisans from all over Colombia, Atelier 122 was able to grow its portfolio and focus on natural fibers and organic materials. Being one of the first companies to reach out to local and hard-to-reach rural groups of artisans, Atelier 122 now boasts an incredible partnership with numerous artisan communities, making sure that their authentic and unique work is recognized.

Through these 100% organic and natural fiber products, Atelier 122 helps to preserve Colombia’s identity, maintaining ancestral traditions and techniques as well as encapsulating the stunning landscapes, climates, resources, and history of the places where they were made.