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Atelier Coppery
Meet The Artisans

Atelier Coppery

A long-time lover of Moroccan handmade crafts, Asmaa started her brand Atelier Coppery to create ceramic products that bring serenity to your interior decor. In her studio in Marrakech, she designs modern and minimalist pieces which local Moroccan artisans in the Marrakech medina bring to life, using their ancestral know-how in pairing high-quality ceramics with beautiful copper finishings.

Guided by the Danish philosophy of hygge, Asmaa designed her first collection “Copenhagen”, making minimalist, elegant and multi-functional products that inspire calm, relaxation, and coziness.

Hygge is all about experiencing small moments of pure joy and satisfaction in your everyday life, be it alone or with friends, indoors or outdoors, and celebrating the small pleasures in life, such as sipping a warm tea or enjoying a delicious meal.

Inspired by her own journey into yoga, meditation, and self-care, Asmaa started playing around with air-dry clay making minimalist shapes and forms. She soon began collaborating with master artisans in Marrakech, who today use their ancestral know-how to help Asmaa give life to aesthetically pleasing and functional objects that follow you in your everyday comings and goings: small bowls, jewelry holders, dresser valets, and more.