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Atico 35
Meet The Artisans

Atico 35


Architects Fernanda, Maria Jose and Stephanie met at college and in 2017 they started their interior design brand, which over time evolved into Atico 35, a multi-disciplinary firm designing bespoke objects of decor to nurture your home interiors as well as your soul.

In collaboration with other designers and highly specialized artisans, Atico 35 creates unique collections for the home, using wood, marble, stone, brass, and ceramics, seeking to create designs that positively influence the customer’s emotions and, ultimately, their quality of life.

Atico 35 takes its name from the attic, an area of the home normally associated with forgotten spaces, where over the years familiar objects accumulate. When the attic is finally opened up, either by accident or by choice, thousands of stories come out of the long-forgotten objects there contained - memories, secrets, and surprises that could literally change a life.

Similarly, Atico 35’s items of decor and small furniture take usual shapes and simple raw materials and, with clever design and excellent craftsmanship, they turn them into life-changing pieces of art that will shape your interiors as well as your own inner world.

Atico 35