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Axoque Studio
Meet The Artisans

Axoque Studio

Established in Morelia, Michoacán, by Bernardo Martinez and two friends, Axoque is a Mexican design studio, focused on creating contemporary design objects and furniture in close collaboration with artisan families.

Axoque is named after a Lake Pátzcuaro salamander, locally known as achoque or the Pátzcuaro axolotl. Like the salamander adapts and regenerates to fit its climate, Axoque seeks to renew itself with each piece they create, fusing modern design with ancestral traditions and processes.

Bernardo and his team work closely with artisans and other designers to create high-quality utilitarian pieces of furniture and decor using exclusively local processes and raw materials with low environmental impact, in an attempt to preserve the Mexican flora and fauna, and Mexican culture at large.

As a result, Axoque’s pieces are veritable works of pure design that far from just sitting in a room, also engage in a clear cultural dialogue with their owner and user. In the next ten years, Axoque would like to grow nationally and internationally and position itself as one of the best Mexican furniture studios in the world, recognized for the quality and manufacture of its pieces.