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Baron & Vicario
Meet The Artisans

Baron & Vicario

Baron & Vicario was born out of the desire to shake the world and promote Mexican craftsmanship. Designer Raul de la Cerda learned the craft from his father while growing up in Texcoco and chose natural resin for his creations in a conscious commitment to sustainability. Barón & Vicario is an expression of love for Mexico, which goes from the artisan hands that shape materials into products that are not only ornamental but also a testament to Mexico’s beauty.

Today, Raul works with great masters who, with more than 25 years of experience in the art of resin, meticulously craft detailed pieces in their workshop in Los Reyes Acaquilpan.

Focusing on solid materials and simple geometries inspired by Mexico’s pre-Hispanic and mystical heritage, highlighting the beauty of a little-used material such as resin, and designing with honest and pure vision are the guidelines to the creation of pieces with harmonious soft finishes. The products are thus more than mere ornamental or utilitarian pieces, rather they are impregnated with the proud feeling of being part of a project that contributes to Mexico’s economic development and cultural survival.