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Meet The Artisans



Mariana Laserna has always been passionate about fashion, the welfare of the planet and animals, which have always played a significant role in her life, so much so that she worked as a volunteer in different conservation projects helping endangered species.

In 2019, after studying Fashion Management in SDA Bocconi School of Management, Mariana went back to her native Colombia and was motivated to create Baula, a brand of sustainable vegan bags inspired by endangered species.

Baula’s name was inspired by the leatherback turtle in Spanish, whose shell, though it looks like tough leather, is made of skin and oily flesh. Like leatherbacks’ shells are deceptive in their appearance, so are Baula’s bags, which look like real leather but are instead a mix of appleskin, piñatex and other eco-friendly materials.

Baula’s purpose is not only to champion those who love nature but to also influence others to fall in love with animals and the environment at large. Baula seeks to turn fashion around and make it sustainable, cruelty-free, and with a powerful message of love for the planet.