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BE to BE
Meet The Artisans

BE to BE

Nicole and Mohamad are a lovely Swiss-Moroccan couple who decided to build their home and life in Marrakech. The two own a beautiful and charming Riad hotel in the heart of the Medina. Nicole brings the modern European touch to the Riad, while Mohamed preserves the heritage and authenticity of the Moroccan culture. This cultural harmony makes Riad BE Marrakech a delightful oasis.

Nicole's passion for art and design has brought her to partner with two friends Carla Walser and Florence Morgenstern and establish Be to BE, a company that connects international designers with the talented artisans of Morocco. Through many years of experience in sourcing, purchasing and producing collections for their own projects, the trio has been able to build up an enormous pool of talented craftsmen and women.

Their mission is to keep the handcraft from Morocco alive and support the artisans in developing and producing.