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Meet The Artisans


Established by highly-talented sister duo Veronica and Valerie Behar, two twentysomethings with a passion for good taste and pride for their Colombian heritage, BEHAR was born out of a will to create beautifully-curated, luxury board games made from sustainable materials.

During the long days spent at home in 2020, the sisters decided to use their background in interior design and business administration to share with the rest of the world what they did most at home, play. They figured that it was the perfect time to bring board games back in trend such as Liar’s Dice, Dominoes and Parcheesi, to bring families together the traditional way, and help pass the time.

With the dream of generating a social and environmental impact through the power of design, BEHAR, Art for The Home, was born to honor the legacy of their family, their roots and their country.

Whether it be a game of chess, poker or dominoes, each piece is handmade using wood and sustainably-sourced leather, which Colombian master artisans obtain through eco-friendly processes starting from waste from the meat industry.