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BERA Joyería Textil
Meet The Artisans

BERA Joyería Textil


After a career as a Business Administrator, Rosario Sobrino decided to leave her day job and start Bera in April 2011, pushed by her long-standing love for manual work, weaving, sewing, and fashion.

Bera’s mission is to create jewelry through the exploration of the craft of weaving and the use of alternative materials normally not associated with jewelry making. All of Bera’s products draw inspiration mainly from African and indigenous aesthetics.

Rosario based the brand on an ethical and sustainable business model, using by-product materials of the textile industry, organic elements such as semi-precious stones, and applying some interventions with metals like gold-plated bronze and sterling silver. The techniques applied in the process of elaboration are varied, among them, crochet, knitting in a roll, barreled, braided, sewing, and embroidery.

Fusing creativity and sustainability, Bera proposes pieces of contemporary jewelry that blend ancestral and modern textile designs to obtain unique, timeless pieces, all the while honoring simple materials like cotton yarn, and applying them to the creation of sustainable accessories with a conscious identity.