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Meet The Artisans


Created by Wafae Zaoui, BillYadi is a Rabat-based brand that creates handmade leather accessories featuring beautiful hand-painted calligraphy decorations. Wafae’s aim is to preserve and renew the Moroccan artisanal heritage, by combinig several disciplines: design, painting, calligraphy, and leatherwork.

Wafae has always been interested in calligraphy, a craft she started learning as a child and which she has developed for the last twenty years. A few years ago, she decided to quit her engineering career to make something of her long-term passion for art and painting.

She married her love for calligraphy to her passion for all things handmade, and started creating objects of everyday use which she painted her messages on - tote bags, purses, accessories. Her brand BillYadi was born.

Soon cotton wasn’t cutting it for her anymore, and she decided to explore leatherwork, which, after a year of apprenticeship and learning from the finest leather craftsmen in Rabat, took her to opening her own workshop where she proudly designs and creates all kinds of leather accessories: bags, clutches, laptop cases, keyrings, wallets, and more.

Wafae’s commitment to the Moroccan cultural heritage and her love for manual crafts are clear in her refined designs and elegant calligraphy, which fuse together in the creation of unique products that give new breath to Moroccan craftsmanship, by harmoniously reconciling the authentic and the modern.