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Bolten Design
Meet The Artisans

Bolten Design

It all started with a family bet. Could DIY fanatic and Business school graduate Talha Benkhadda make a dinner table for a member of his family? The brief was simple: make art, not furniture. And so, after countless failures, Bolten Design was born.

Based in Marrakech, the company combines contemporary design and the manual work of highly qualified artisan craftsmen to create natural, hard-wearing and minimalist designs.
Nature provides inspiration for Bolten: an unexpected combination of fine materials including wood, steel and brass.

Bolten Design was born with the ambition to be an original and innovative brand that explores new paths and approaches the world differently. Their work is authentic, and derives from nature and its values. Every product they make is based on one simple principle: Respect. Respect for the environment by choosing only renewable materials. Respect for the craftsmen by making a safe work environment. They are convinced that the only world that will exist is a sustainable one, promoting circular economy and an eco-friendly approach.

Their essence is to bring an alternative lifestyle and new vision through minimalist designs and sustainable materials. Their independent label helps them to work freely with a lot of space for creativity and fun. They are proud to present you with a timeless art-piece in the form of homeware.