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Meet The Artisans



Chemistry major Adeline Devos attained a degree in Process Engineering and received a Master’s in Raw Materials in Paris. During her time in France, she took part in fashion events such as Paris Fashion Week and was inspired to combine her interest in materials and chemistry with fashion and design.

Back in her native Colombia, she researched the toxic effects of paraffin and realized industrial candles are toxin-heavy and greatly damage the environment. She created Bougie to produce handmade candles to give every customer a moment of elegant peace, with an eye to the environment. Inspired by French “savoir-faire”, all candles are unique in their pastel hues, natural fragrances, and contemporary designs.

Bougie, which in French means “candle”, only uses organic wax, which is free of paraffin, producing candles that are not only biodegradable but also burn more slowly. All of the candles’ wicks are made of organic cotton and are free of zinc and heavy metals such as lead. All colorants are sustainably extracted from natural sources, while fragrances are derived from natural essential oils only which are very subtle.